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About us

Our origin story

Campground started as a dream born around a fire. We were a group of six designers celebrating our college graduation. We spoke about our dreams,  and the kind of workplace we’d imagine we would thrive in. We made a promise that ten years from then if we weren’t satisfied, we’d come together and start our own studio.

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June, 2011

10 years later...

Colin and Dewi Simpson decided to follow through with that dream and create a studio that would allow a network of talented creatives to come together and produce top-notch strategy and design for our clients.

Colin Simpson
Co-founder / Design Director
Colin is half of our dynamic duo. He’s focused on the concept and quality of the work. He’s a designer, a dad, and an aspiring traveler.
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Dewi Simpson
Co-founder / Sr. UX Designer
Dewi (dae-we) is our co-creator and resident illustrator. She’s an advocate for user-centered design and growing relationships within the community. She’s a design enthusiast, a mom, and an amateur chef.
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User Experience / Digital Design / Branding /

User Experience / Digital Design / Branding /

User Experience / Digital Design / Branding /


What we're good at

User Experience

UX Consultation
UX Audits
Info Architecture
User Flows
User Journey Maps
User Research

Digital Design

Web Design
Product Design
Web Animation
Mobile App Design
Design Systems


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Motion Design
Custom Illustration
studio values

What guides us

Our moral compass keeps us aligned and drives us to navigate the evolving design industry, while staying true to our principles. Here are our five values:

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Quality is our north star.
Decades of experience in design and technology give us an honest and valuable perspective.
We foster innovation and problem-solving by pushing everyone to look at things from a different point of view.
We overcome new obstacles and challenges quickly to ensure your business is set up for success and flexibility.
We connect with you from start to finish and collaborate on amazing work together. This sense of community and mutual respect creates great partnerships.

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